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Crossword Puzzle: August 2008

                                  Across 1. Crankshaft-runout measuring tool (4,9) 8. Unexpected engine stoppage 9. Shifter selection 10. Car-tunes source 11. Alignment-shop measurement (3,2) 13. Interstate-access path 15. Sylvester Stallone’s ’01 racing movie 18. Substance injected into windshield stone chip 20. Carmaker’s

Top 10 Ford/AAA Student Auto Skills National Finals Ranking

The top-10 teams in the Auto Skills contest received general education scholarships

Where Are They Now – A Student Auto Skills Update

Roni Standley, who was recently named the automotive instructor at Rigby High School, Rigby, ID, was a 2002 participant in the Ford/AAA Auto Skills national event.

Motor Oil Under the Microscope

Most people think motor oil is only a lubricant that reduces friction and wear inside an engine. But it also helps cool bearings, pistons and other parts, and helps prevent rust and corrosion.

Passing of the Torch – Part I

Oxyacetylene Torches Can be a Versatile Tool for the Class and Shop

A Neon that Lights Up the Town

A Q & A session with TT cover student Thomas Greathouse

Wisconsin Students Win Ford/AAA Auto Skills National Title and a Week with Roush Fenway Racing

Many of the competitors had unique and inspiring stories


Reprogramming vehicle computers takes special tools, certain know-how and a little risk…..

TT August 08 Pop Quiz: Powertrain Control Module

Test and solution listed below

Uncovering Hyundai Repairs With Undercar Inspections

The brake and suspension systems on Hyundai’s popular line of cars and SUVs are both undercar systems where problems can be detected during routine maintenance.

Cooling System Cures: Performing Water Pump Check-Ups

The water pump, used to keep coolant circulating between the engine and radiator to get rid of the heat, is such an important component that should be checked along with the cooling system on regular intervals.