Scanning & Recalibration: What Category Are You?
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Scanning & Recalibration: What Category Are You?

Mitch Becker considers himself a fortunate man. He loves his job, he loves his industry and he loves technology. Unfortunately, he says not all of the shops he works with feel the same way, especially when it comes to ADAS scanning and recalibraiton.

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“I see many shops that have found a solution for all the procedures related to vehicles’ electrical and electronic safety systems. They spent the time to educate their team on that solution and are using it to their advantage,” Becker says, in an article in BodyShop Business. “If you’re in this category, I commend you as it took a great deal of time and energy and possibly a great deal of money to get there. Interestingly, though, even shops that have a solution in place are still missing some procedures.”

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No one goes out and plans to repair a vehicle incorrectly (I hope).

Unfortunately, he also sees a recurring theme with many vehicles as they leave collision repair shops: missing or incomplete vehicle electronics repair processes. In some shops, this rarely occurs, while in others it consistently happens. “In many cases, the shops either did not know a procedure was needed or were misinformed on whether calibrations were needed or not. In some cases, the calibrations were disregarded as unnecessary. In a lot of conversations I’ve had, the shop manager was simply unaware the procedures were not being completed.”


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