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High-Pressure GDI Fuel Pumps

When solving a fuel pump issue, the scan tool is your best friend.

Freeze Frame Diagnostics

Freeze frame data is a “snap shot” of when the code occurs of the specific sensor PIDs.

Topology and Your Scan Tool

Topology influences how you access the modules with your scan tool.

Wheel Speed Sensor and Hub Unit Diagnostics

All wheel speed sensor codes are just the starting points of a diagnosis and not a reason to order a part.

Scan And Scope Diagnostics

Using a scan tool to communicate with different modules can confirm operation and the source of communication codes.

TOPDON Debuts Phoenix Remote Scan Tool

The Phoenix Remote features the ability to provide local and remote diagnosis and supports voice and video calls.

Tech Tip: Programming Options

Reflashing and reprogramming may require interface innovation – we help explain the options.

Scan Codes With Electronic Specialties’ Code Buddy PRO+

The Code Buddy PRO+ can display the full live data stream, giving valuable feedback while the vehicle’s engine is running.

Scanning & Recalibration: What Category Are You?

When a calibration is not completed, the response is either I did not know, I did not plan or I did not need to.

AsTech Supports Industry Position On Multi-Brand Scan Tools

The asTech team has been able to identify when an aftermarket tool can be safely used and has incorporated this insight into its diagnostic process.

Trade Groups Push Access To OEM And Multi-Brand Scan Tools

The position statement comes after significant commentary and debate surrounding use of multi-brand versus OEM scan tools.

Continental Expands Autodiagnos Pro

The scan tool features an easy-to-use interface and incorporates the same data used in OE diagnostics.