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Circuit Tester With Digital Display Released From S&G Tool Aid

The tester quickly and easily checks voltage, power, ground and circuitry without the need to hook up complex equipment.

ECM No Communication Issues

The source of the problem could be software, electrical or mechanical.

Power Probe Introduces Multi-Use Circuit Tester

The Maestro wirelessly pairs with the Power Probe Tek App, allowing for a wireless remote display.

Voltage Drop Quick Quiz

Today’s modern vehicles contain over $8,000 worth of electronic controls replacing the much easier to understand and diagnose mechanical controls of yesterday. Take our quick quiz to test your understanding of voltage drops in today’s electrical circuits and get an edge on the next tech!

Quick Quiz: Multimeter Usage and Electrical Testing

The electrical system is the perfect place to begin building a foundation for an automotive education. Check out this quiz with questions about how to use your multimeter and test electrical circuits.