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Solving No Heat Complaints

Here are 10 guidelines for making sure a vehicle’s heat functions.

Air Conditioning Components

When a compressor fails the question for most technicians is whether to flush the condenser or replace it.

Audi Tech Tip: Passenger Compartment Not Warming Up?

Code B10D004 will indicate a coolant circulation pump failure.

VIDEO: Servicing Blower Motor Resistors

Don’t overlook the blower motor resistor. This video is sponsored by The Group Training Academy.

Bring The Heat Or Keep Your Cool – Engine Thermal Management

Vehicle manufacturers work to maximize cooling system efficiency to manage temperature while using less engine power.

Ford F-150: Lack Of Heat In Low Temperatures

This condition may be due to deposits from the engine coolant becoming trapped in the heater core.

How To Use Induction Heating For Fleet Maintenance

An effective system of tracking/ implementing preventative maintenance can reduce the time that trucks are out of service.

VIDEO: Heating Issues? Don’t Assume It’s The Thermostat

Andrew Markel explains how problems with the cabin heating system may not be directly related to the thermostat.