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Does Lubrication Impact Bearing Functionality?

Contaminants such as water, salt and organic debris can cause wheel bearings to corrode and fail over time.

Why Are Ignition Coils Lubricated? (VIDEO)

Do you know why Mercedes lubricates their ignition coils at the factory? This video is sponsored by Standard Motor Products.

New Bar’s Leaks Gear Repair Helps Customers Gear Up

The new treatment additive extends gear system life by stopping leaks, reducing noise and improving gear performance.

VIDEO: High-Mileage Vehicles Need The Right Lubricant

High-mileage vehicles may be the norm, rather than the exception. This video is presented by The Group Training Academy.

Champion Modern Muscle 0W-40 Is Built For 3rd-Gen HEMI

This full synthetic formula provides lower coefficient of friction than conventional or synthetic blends, says Champion.

Fluoramics Introduces Rust-Breaking Penetrant

Bust That Rust lubricates while breaking through existing rust. It will also help prevent new rust from forming.

VIDEO: Why Oil And Engine Technology Go Hand-In-Hand

Learn about the changing designs in heavy-duty engines. This video is sponsored by Delo.

Modern Lubrication Quick Quiz

Kevin McCartney has compiled this quiz as an interesting challenge for anyone interested in the science behind modern automotive oils. Take the five question quiz now to test your comprehensive knowledge of oils and lubrication.