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Understanding Audi’s Valve Lift System

The improved flow of exhaust gas to the turbocharger results in quick response and powerful torque buildup.

QualCast 2021 Valvetrain Kits

QualCast has introduced two new valve train kit lines for 2021.

VIDEO: Understanding Piston To Valve Clearance – Part 1

Pro engine builder Steve Morris explains the procedures to measure piston-to-valve clearance.

Race Winning Brands Acquires Victory 1 Performance

Victory manufactures titanium, inconel and stainless-steel intake and exhaust valves and other valvetrain components.

VIDEO: Solving The Carbon Deposit Conundrum

Carbon deposits can be formed by varying cylinder temperatures. This video is sponsored by Rislone.

VIDEO: Champion Engine Builder Steve Morris Explains Pushrods

Pushrods transfer and redirect the upward motion of the lifters to the rocker arms, so they’re subjected to severe forces.

VIDEO: Don’t Drop That Valve! Pt. 1

Not using the right components and the right tolerances in the right application can cause havoc.

VIDEO: Diagnosing The Oil Control Valve

Andrew Markel details a case study involving a Honda Accord whose valvetrain displayed a timing malfunction.

VIDEO: Thermostats And Oil Sludging

Andrew Markel explains how improper temperature control in the engine can lead to oil sludging in the valvetrain.

Keep The Valvetrain On Track

Valvetrain components such as lifters, pushrods, rockers and valve springs are often replaced when rebuilding stock engines. Worn rocker arms and lifters should not be reused to prevent failures down the road. If you’re installing a new flat tappet cam, new lifters are a must. Any pushrods that are not straight must also be replaced, along with high-mileage valve springs that have weakened with age.