Livestream TODAY: Engine Building 102

Livestream TODAY: Engine Building 102

Join Doug Kaufman and the experts at Summit Racing for a livestream on November 29 at 1PM EST.

We’ve talked about the business of the engine – where the hard work gets done and the power is transferred to the drivetrain. But where does the power come from?

The heavy duty parts in the rotating assembly are balanced by the precision in the engine’s valvetrain and in this free, live event, experts from Tomorrow’s Technician and Summit Racing will explain just what makes up the upper part of the engine. Topics to be discussed will include:

• The four parts of the 4-stroke process – what they mean, what they do, how they happen
• The path of the combustion process
• Different types of induction
• Carburetor or fuel injection?
• Different types of cylinder heads: LS, Hemi, flathead, etc.
• What’s in the valvetrain?
• Fuel quality/oil quality

In addition, live questions will be fielded from attendees during the session.

This event will be hosted by Doug Kaufman, editor of Tomorrow’s Technician and Justin Weideman from Summit Racing. Justin has been a frequent participant in Summit Racing and Tomorrow’s Technician LiveStream events and has experience working in many of the industry’s segments. Doug Kaufman has been with Babcox Media since 1987 serving in a variety of editorial and publishing roles and titles. Formerly editor of Engine Builder magazine, he is currently editorial director of Tomorrow’s Technician and ShopOwner, including Brake & Front End, ImportCar and Underhood Service. Doug has a Bachelor of Science in Journalism from Bowling Green State University and remains a committed MAC enthusiast.

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