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VIDEO: Digital Vehicle Software For Multi-Point Inspections

This software can give a technician a template and routine for an inspection. This video is sponsored by Mitchell 1.

Why Vehicle Maintenance Report Standards Are Important

VMRS is an expansive structured system to code maintenance information.

Vehicle Inspection Red Flags

Inspecting these 12 things will keep your customers safe and happy.

VIDEO: CV Joints And Boots Don’t Fail On Their Own

Finding the root cause is essential before beginning this repair. This video is sponsored by GSP North America.

VIDEO: The Dipstick Can Tell A Lot About A Vehicle

Andrew Markel tells how just looking at the dipstick can tell a lot about how a customer has maintained a vehicle.

How Many Americans Know How To Change A Tire?

A recent survey conducted by Cooper Tires found that the majority of Americans say they can change a tire.

IMR Insight Report Shows Consumers Are Delaying Vehicle Routine Maintenance

Consumers who own used vehicles, vehicles eight years or older and millennials are significantly more likely than their counterparts to delay routine maintenance.