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Standard Motor Products recently announced the five recipients of its $1,000 scholarships.
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ACDelco reminds students pursuing careers in automotive service to submit their applications for the "100 Years, 100 Futures" scholarship program no later than Sunday, July 31.


Many technicians aren't familiar with PWM fuel pumps because they're generally very reliable. But now that many import vehicles equipped with PWM fuel pumps are rolling up the miles, it's time to turn the page from diagnosing two-line and single-line mechanically pressure-regulated fuel pumps to diagnosing electronically controlled PWM fuel pumps.

During the road test, listen for noises and note any pedal pulsation or vehicle pulling when applying the brakes. Noises can indicate brake pad problems, pedal pulsation from rotor damage, and pulling due to uneven brake application, which can be caused by a number of things.

If you are replacing spark plugs to solve a misfire problem, you might want to take a look at the original plugs to make sure you are replacing them for the right reasons.

From 1997 to 2011, the Crown Victoria (more commonly known as the Crown Vic) had the same optional air ride system on the surface. From the outside, the only differences that could be seen were improved air bags in 2003.

Mercedes-Benz and other German vehicle manufacturers make the assumption that people here in the U.S. adjust their tire pressure for the number of people in the vehicle and for the speed they intend to drive.


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ACROSS 1. Helical fastener formations 5. Critical spark plug dimension 8. Pre-EFI manifold heat ____ valve 9....


WIX Filters and O'Reilly Auto Parts have partnered with Tomorrow's Tech as title sponsors for the "2016 School of the Year" competition, a national contest to find and name the best technician training school in the country.