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The new 'Mercedes-Benz Technician Training Program' was created to help elevate technician recruitment and training to meet the growing needs of dealerships across the United States.
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For every week of training booked at a Garage Gurus Training Center, $200 will be donated to local technical or vocational school of the customer's choice.


Like it or not, recent mandates limiting the concentration of copper allowed in brake pads could be our generation's asbestos.

When a new wheel and tire package is fitted, the TPMS and sensor should be considered along with the looks. The sensors can't be sacrificed if they don't fit the new rims.

Andrew Markel relates a story from a technician where a jumpstarted car had a miscalibrated steering angle sensor.

The rear-wheel-drive platform has a Subaru engine and rear suspension. The BR-Z is the the only Subaru in the lineup without all wheel drive, and the only Scion that sends power to the rear, respectively.

Andrew Markel shows how customers' cheap gasoline choices can cause a clog in fuel injectors.


© Murray Jackson ACROSS Balance-related crankshaft portion Firing ____ (ignition sequence) Adjusts lube level (4, 3) ...


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