March, 2013 Archives - Tomorrows Technician
Real World: The Secret to Mastering Three-Stage Paints

Some painters dread three-stage paints and pearls, but there is a secret and a method of matching that works every time..and will reduce your comebacks.

Under the Hood: Solving Subaru Sealing Problems

Head gasket failure has been something Subaru has struggled with to some extent since the 1980s.

Report Card: ‘Atlas Shrugs’ off the Competition

According to designers, the Ford Atlas Concept is inspired by decades of listening to customers at the places they work and play.

Industry Insight – Ready for a Diesel Resurgence?

Crackdown on emissions bypassing could lead to increased engine work

Crossword Puzzle: March 2013

Across 1. Reciprocating engine components 5. Windshield adjunct 8. Unexpected engine stoppage 9. Drive-shaft parts, briefly (1,6) 10. Flat ____ labor-charge system 11. Bonneville racing surface (4,4) 13. Auto-electric current type 14. Texas petroleum source (3,3) 18. Engine-block material, maybe (4,4) 20. Burn fuel pointlessly 22. Carburetor venturis, in other words 23. Interstate offramps 24.