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Kickstarting Your Automotive Career In The Real World: Meet Tesla Technician Bel Valdez

When Maribel “Bel” Valdez was 16 years old, she was discouraged from pursuing a career as an automotive technician. More than a decade later, she completed her automotive technology education, landed a job at Tesla and isn’t turning back.

Aftermarket Diesel Innovations: Evolutionary, Revolutionary Or Illegal?

Diesel technology has come a long way, evolving from smelly, dirty, slow, workhorse engines to clean-burning, high-torque, high-horsepower engines that can give many gasoline engines a run for the money on a drag strip or race track.

Driveshaft Service: Yoke To Yoke Diagnostics

Driveshafts on most rear-wheel-drive and four-wheel-drive (4WD) vehicles are very durable. Most late-model driveshafts are not serviceable and do not have any lubrication points. But, this does not mean that they can’t wear or even fail.

Just A Car From Akron: East CLC Rehabs Monte Carlo

A lot of great things come out of Akron, Ohio. East Community Learning Center (East CLC) of Akron Public Schools has big plans for its automotive program and the future of its students.

Don’t Be A Spark Plug Zombie

The “conscious” steps you should perform during spark plug replacement, instead of performing the job like a zombie.

Kickstarting Your Automotive Career In The Real World: Meet Ashley Drake

When Ashley Drake’s high school welding class got a hold of a car to work on, she knew she was going to work in automotive.