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Timing Chain Systems Need Clean, Quality Oil

Using the wrong oil causes a vehicle’s timing chain to wear quicker.

Plastic Timing Chain Guides

Timing chain guides are designed to wear, but the guides are designed to last the engine’s life.

Perfect Timing: The Nuances Of Timing Components

Engine timing has become so critical for overall engine performance.

Nissan Timing Chain Replacement

One of the most common engines for timing chain replacement is the Nissan VQ-Series V6.

Toyota Camry P0016 Timing Chain Code (VIDEO)

Curing this code will require more than the timing chain. This video is sponsored by Auto Value and Bumper to Bumper.

All About Timing Chains

You’ve probably noticed that a chain rather than a belt drives the camshaft. Why is this the case?

VIDEO: Replace All Timing-Chain Components At The Same Time

Timing systems are durable but they still wear. This video is sponsored by INA, a Schaeffler brand.

Clean Oil Is Critical To Timing Chain Systems – Here’s Why

Using the wrong oil is a common problem that causes a vehicle’s timing chain to wear even quicker.

Video: Timing Service May Involve More Than The Chain

When a timing chain needs to be replaced it is recommended to replace related components as well. This video is sponsored by INA.

California Pony Cars Mustang Timing Chain Cover

California Pony Cars’ timing chain covers fit Ford Mustang, Falcon, Fairlane, Galaxy, Mercury Cougar, Comet, Bronco, and many other Ford product applications using the 289, 302 and 351W engines.

The Real Issues With BMW Timing Chain Stretch

Timing chain stretch is not as dramatic as you might think, but it can still be time consuming.

VIDEO: Preventing Timing Issues From Timing Chain Wear

Andrew Markel explains timing chain wear and how it can cause timing issues on the engine, as well as how to prevent this condition.