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Timing Components

By adopting a systematic approach and utilizing quality kits, the longevity and efficiency of the timing system can be maximized, ensuring a smoother-running engine. This video is sponsored by The Group Training Academy.

Understanding Audi’s Valve Lift System

The improved flow of exhaust gas to the turbocharger results in quick response and powerful torque buildup.

Understanding Belt-In-Oil Timing Systems

Oil contamination of the belt drive has been a death sentence, due to the rubber and fiber construction of the belt.

VIDEO: Replace All Timing-Chain Components At The Same Time

Timing systems are durable but they still wear. This video is sponsored by INA, a Schaeffler brand.

Variable Valve Timing

The relationship between the camshaft and crankshaft is critical.

Efficient Engine Operation – It’s All In The Timing

Fuel, Spark, Air and Compression are all clearly important, but if they all need to happen at the same time.

Valve Timing Case Study Tech Tip

In this excerpt from Dave Scaler’s complete training program ‘Base Engine Analysis,’ Dave shares a quick case study on a Pontiac Grand Am with a Quad 4 that came in with misfire DTCs. He discusses the diagnostic procedures and details of the compression test on this vehicles Quad 4. He gives some best practices and helpful hints for dealing with valve timing issues like those exhibited in this case study.

A8 Spark Timing Technical Tip Clip

Section two of the ASE A8 task list is where you find ignition systems. In this video tip clip with instructor Dave Hobbs we’re going to do some cylinder balance testing, which will give us an idea if there is a misfire, and if so, which cylinder it is. And that oftentimes goes hand in hand with ignition diagnosis.