2016 School Of The Year Videos -

2016 School Of The Year Videos

Click HERE to view the 2016 School of the Year video entries.

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Guess The Car Players Catch Us On A Lenient Day

This month, we accepted creativity as an alternative to accuracy. Congratulations to all our winners.

Maybe it's the fact the sun is shining in Northeast Ohio (yes, Akron typically has more cloudy days than Seattle). Maybe it's because you're a faithful groupie and you deserve a break. Maybe it's because school is almost out and - like many of your teachers this time of year, we choose to give total credit to creative answers, whether actually correct or not.

VIDEO: 2016 School Of The Year – Ranken Technical College

Congratulations to the St. Louis-based Ranken Technical College being named the 2016 Tomorrow’s Tech School of the Year!

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2012 Winner: Clover Park Technical College

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