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Chassis Parts and Alignment Angles

Knowing why the adjustment is required is critical to performing the total alignment.

ADAS and Vehicle Alignment

New vehicle ADAS features all rely on the alignment being exactly as it should be.

Why Do Vehicles Go Out Of Alignment?

If camber, caster or toe are out of specifications, there is usually a reason why.

Audi Alignment & Calibration

Adaptive cruise control can make the alignment more complex.

Audi MLB Alignment

The alignment of these vehicles can be straightforward mechanically.

Chassis Alignment

The source of the complaint can be the angles, electronics or tires.

Replacement Strut Alignment Angles

Earl MacPherson’s struts eliminated suspension complexity in one way but changed vehicle geometry in others.

Top Alignment Tips

When doing your pre-alignment inspection, always check and set tire inflation pressures.

Mercedes-Benz Alignment

Here are some tips and tricks that should help you to work on just about any Mercedes-Benz from the past few decades.

2005-2010 Ford Mustang Alignment

The Mustang uses a live rear axle mounted on the vehicle with three links and a Panhard rod.

Alignment Specs – Gen VI Mustang

Aligning this Mustang is not that much different from Ford’s other products, but there are additional steps to follow.

Coats Aligner Features Quick Checks For Customer Confidence

An automatic power tracking camera makes doing alignments at any rack height possible without adjusting the machine.