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GreenPower unveils Mega Beast, a 300-mile range all-electric school bus

GreenPower’s latest Mega Beast promises an extended range, catering to diverse school district needs nationwide.

FRED Kicks the CAN Quick Quiz

Do you know what to do when your scan tool says “No Communications”? Can you quickly diagnose those dreaded “U-Codes” that report serial bus problems? Take our five question quick quiz to see how well you understand how these electronic systems work.

FRED Kicks the CAN: Chevy Malibu FKTC Tip Clip

In this case study with Dave Hobbs, we learn about the complexities and challenges of diagnostics of data bus systems. Dave talks about a Chevy Malibu he once worked on: it couldn’t start several modules. He talks about how, sometimes, bus issues can be things you would never suspect and how keeping up with learning about these systems and understanding their complexities is necessary if you want to work on cars with these problems.

Chrysler Data Bussing: CCD, SCI Data Lines Tech Tip

Bill Fulton talks about Chrysler data bussing. Talking about CCD and SCI data lines and using bus circuit schematics from a 1998 Dodge minivan as an example Bill gives some in depth insights into the operation and relationships of Chrysler data bus circuits.