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Snap-on Adds Quick Tip Videos To Website

There is now easy access to Snap-on’s series of quick tip videos via their website.

VIDEO: Reading Edge Codes On Brake Pads

Andrew Markel discusses edge codes on brake pads, and how to read them to determine which pads are correct for your customer’s vehicle.

VIDEO: Checking For Bearing Cleanliness

In this Tech Minute, Andrew Markel discusses two important steps you may be missing when replacing a bearing.

VIDEO: Oil Consumption Issues On Modern Vehicles

Andrew Markel discusses proper oil consumption levels for modern vehicles, and the issues that high oil consumption can cause in the engine.

VIDEO: Brake Pad Chamfers And Slots

Andrew Markel shows why some brake pads have chamfers, slots, none or both, and how they can reduce noise.

VIDEO: Choosing The Right Spark Plug Replacement

Andrew Markel shows the importance of choosing a spark plug replacement with the OE-recommended or better material.

VIDEO: The Difference Between TSBs, Campaigns And Recalls

Andrew Markel describes the critical difference between TSBs, campaigns and recalls, and how you can use them in your shop.

VIDEO: Electronic Parking Brake On Modern Volkswagen Models

Andrew Markel shows how a scan tool can help diagnose and repair the electronic parking brake on modern import vehicles including Volkswagen.

VIDEO: Three Tips To Extend Fuel Pump Service Life

Andrew Markel offers three tips to extend the service life of a new fuel pump, including cleaning out the fuel tank, replacing fuel filters, and diagnosing and solving driveability problems.

VIDEO: Fuel Pump Replacement On GDI Engines

Andrew Markel offers several tips to make a GDI fuel pump replacement job easier and safer.

VIDEO: Five Tips To Diagnose Belt Noise

Andrew Markel shares five useful tips to diagnose and resolve belt noise, including twisting the tensioner, measuring the grooves, and ensuring the belt and pulleys are properly aligned.

VIDEO: Three Tips To Replace Exhaust Manifold Gaskets

Andrew Markel explains how exhaust manifold gaskets on some engines can be difficult to work with. The video also offers some pro tips to make the job easier, including using anti-seize and induction heating.