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Report Card: Preparing to Enter the Service Repair Industry

If you are about to graduate from an automotive training program, you will be entering a field in which employers are always searching for smart, honest, hardworking technicians who are willing to learn and be a part of a team. Even if you have one or two more years left before you graduate, its not

Learning Align Honing from Joe the Pro

Adapted from Doc Frohmaders article in Engine Builder

Badge of Honor – Automotive Service Professionals Week

One of the most typical comments I get from automotive technicians and others in the industry is that the general public just doesnt appreciate the value we provide. To a large degree, thats very true, but it probably has more to do with the general lack of understanding of modern vehicle technology by that same

Body Works – The Skinny on Door Skinning Without Using Filler

Adapted from Mike West’s article in BopdyShop Business

Component Connection – Dissecting Today’s Complex Fuel Delivery System

Adapted from Larry Carleys article in Counterman

Undercover – Straight Talk On Subaru Steering Service

Adapted from Larry Bailly’s article in ImportCar