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Badge of Honor – Automotive Service Professionals Week


One of the most typical comments I get from automotive technicians and others in the industry is that the general public just doesnt appreciate the value we provide. To a large degree, thats very true, but it probably has more to do with the general lack of understanding of modern vehicle technology by that same public. The average consumer feels intimidated every time they take their vehicle in for service simply because of the complexity of the modern automobile. People tend to fear what they dont understand, and that more than anything else leads to the feelings of distrust we work hard to overcome at the service desk every day. The answer, of course, is to communicate clearly with customers. Let them know about the value you provide as a certified professional and take the time to explain, in simple terms, exactly what they are paying for and why. To help open that dialog, ASE has established a weeklong celebration of excellence for those hardworking automotive professionals who do so much to keep America rolling. We call it Automotive Service Professionals Week and this year it runs from June 12-18.

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Building on the success of Automotive Service Professionals Day begun in 2001, ASE established National Automotive Service Professionals Week in 2005 to honor the commitment and dedication of automotive, truck and collision technicians, along with parts specialists and other support professionals who serve the motoring public. For 2006, ASE continues this recognition for a full week and has it listed in the 2006 Chases Calendar of Events.

Twenty-seven states issued proclamations honoring National Automotive Service Professionals Week in 2005, said Trish Serratore, ASE group VP, industry relations. We will once again push to have all fifty states recognize the outstanding work done by automotive professionals across the nation in 2006. As was done in 2005, ASE will provide a form letter and enlist the aid of local shop owners in each state to petition their respective governors to mark this special week. Its a great way to allow shops to reach out to their customers and community to acknowledge the value and professionalism the automotive service industry provides to the motoring public each and every day. We established National Automotive Service Professionals Week to recognize the men and women who service and maintain the highly complex vehicles upon which we depend so much for our day-to-day transportation, said Ron Weiner, ASE president. This event acknowledges their skill and dedication, and ASE is proud to help recognize these individuals for their commitment to their customers, their craft and the American economy.


ASE-certified professionals are among the best in the business. That dedication to being the best is something the automotive industry needs to spotlight more often. Automotive Service Professionals Week is designed to help do just that. So mark your calendars and join in the celebration. After all, its really your week.

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