September 2016 Archives - Tomorrows Technician
Updating Your Social Media Accounts For Future Employers’ Eyes

Your personal brand online has a significant influence on future job offers.

Driveability Diagnostics And Direct Injection

Direct injection systems can be a diagnostic challenge, but with the right foundation, problems can be solved profitably.

Breaking Down Break-In Oils And Assembly Lube Needs

A lot of things can go wrong during those first few minutes following the initial start-up of a freshly built engine. The engine has to build oil pressure quickly so all of the critical wear surfaces will receive lubrication.

Are You Choosing The Right Brake Pad For The Right Customer?

Selecting the right friction material is a difficult task. I could say that you should select the most expensive pad that your supplier offers, but the right pads for the customer aren’t always at the top (or bottom) of the price column.

Real-World TPMS Tips & Tricks

Corrosion weakens the TPMS sensor stem, which makes removing stuck parts without breaking the stem an exercise filled with danger.

Top 10 Fuel Pump Fails

Ten problems to be aware of when a vehicle’s fuel pump fails.

Power Steering Loss On A 2008 Ford Escape

The 2008 and newer Escape models use electric assist power steering. Instead of a conventional power steering pump, these vehicles have a power steering control module (PSCM) that works along with an electric motor, a torque sensor and various other angle sensors to achieve the desired steering effect.