Livestream: OBD Zero Diagnostics In An OBDII World -

Livestream: OBD Zero Diagnostics In An OBDII World

Join us at 2PM EST on Friday, February 25 for this live event sponsored by Summit Racing.

The basics of diagnostics are often ignored in favor of scan tools. But, it is the basics of fuel, ignition and compression that are at the heart of many sophisticated tools that connect to the OBDII connector.about:blank

In this live event, we will look at how core diagnostic tests apply on a small-block Chevy and the latest OBDII engine management systems.

• Basic health check of the engine using compression and leak-down tests.

• Build on the wiring discussion by installing an ignition box.

• Show how to install and set the distributor.

• Use the timing light to set it up the distributor. 

• Show advance movement with a timing light.

• Show dwell and engine RPM measurement.

• Cover voltage to the coil and discuss the primary and secondary winding.

• Show a waveform of the new ignition box.

Join us at 2PM EST on Friday, February 25 for this live event sponsored by Summit Racing.

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