MaXpeedingRods Revamps Turbo Offerings

MaXpeedingRods Revamps Turbo Offerings

Street Performance and Sport Performance turbos join iconic Original line.

Car parts manufacturer MaXpeedingRods has revamped its iconic line of turbochargers and has created three new lines for every level of enthusiast. The company has dedicated six new production lines for R&D of turbos and turbo accessories.

MaXpeedingRods has reintroduced its “Original” line, capable of up to 400 brake horsepower, to meet enthusiast demand for high quality and an affordable price point. The all-new “Street Performance” line will support upwards of 650 brake horsepower, and was designed for the hardcore enthusiasts who are really trying to push the boundaries of a street vehicle. The new “Sport Performance” line is capable of 850 horsepower and built to handle serious power and abuse.

According to the company, there are key differences between the three different lines of turbochargers. The “Original” line has a ductile iron turbine housing and K418 alloy turbine wheel. They are designed to operate in upwards of 700℃ and 900℃ respectably. The ‘Street Performance’ and ‘Sport Performance’ line both come with K419 alloy turbine wheels rated for 1000℃ operating temps but the ‘Street Performance’ line comes with a Silicon-Molybdenum turbine housing while the ‘Sport Performance’ line has a full stainless steel housing. The ‘Original’ line comes with the tried and true cast aluminum compressor wheel. They are strong and corrosion resistant. The ‘Street Performance’ and ‘Sport Performance’ lines run a forged billet aluminum compressor wheel that is CNC cut for a light weight design. Both the ‘Street Performance’ and ‘Original’ lines come with floating journal bearing in the center cartridge while the ‘Sport Performance’ line will later be offered with a ball bearing design bearing for faster spool and allows for more g-forces without hurting bearings.

MaXpeedingRods’ universal turbos such as GT35, GT2871 turbos have been widely recognized by car enthusiasts. This company has and will continue to focus on the turbocharger market. They have chosen to make improvements everywhere. The design and technology implemented in the turbochargers themselves have improved, yet that’s not where they are stopping. MaXpeedingRods is determined to better every aspect which includes their packaging and branding. The iconic black and gold packaging are of higher quality and they have incorporated their logo onto the compressor housing. No aspect is left behind.

To provide convenience for customers, brand new and updated turbo kits will be released with better turbos, better piping, more efficient intercoolers, higher quality wastegates, and better flowing blow off valves. The improvements to the lines have been made from customer feedback. MaXpeedingRods sells hundreds of turbo-related products a day and reaches out to their customers for comments. They listened to their customers’ advice and in turn they have created some of the best turbos, wastegates, blow off valves, and other related products on the market. They have listened to potential customers to hear their input on what other products they believe should be offered. Because of this, MaXpeedingRods will be offering even more turbocharger kits for brands like Volkswagen, Audi, Honda, Toyota, Nissan, BMW, and more. They intend to roll out more products and kits in the future to meet the demand of all consumers.

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