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Book Report: Toly’s Ghost

Toly’s Ghost is the fourth novel in author/racer Burt “B.S.” Levy’s celebrated, cult-classic The Last Open Road series.

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Tire Talk – Turning Stock into Rock Part II

Wrappin’ Up Our Project Nissan Titan Truck from last Month (February issue)

Real World: Steering Systems That Are Coming Down the Road

With all the activity in the industry that challenges the assumptions of current vehicle systems, what is the future for steering systems?

Crossword Puzzle: March 2009

Across 1. Increases cylinder’s diameter 5. East, on a road map 8. Where rubber meets road, a.k.a.  ____ patch 9. Industry term NVH is ____, vibration and harshness 10. Station wagon’s rearmost roof pillar (1,4) 11. Extended-mobility tire, in other words (3,4) 12. Cold-start devices on carbureted engines 14. Fifth word in right-side-mirror message 17.

The Last Lap: NASCAR Tech Student Awarded Scholarship

UTI Foundation, NASCAR Angels Award $25,000 Scholarship to NASCAR Tech Student; Roger Penske also Funds a UTI Scholarship

TT March ’09 Pop Quiz: Master Cylinders

This month’s Pop Quiz takes a look at master cylinders and braking systems.
Chose True or False to the following statements.
If False, write in why the statement is not accurate.

Under the Hood: Dissecting GM’s Durable Duramax Diesel

When it was
introduced as a joint venture with Isuzu in 2001, GM’s Duramax made the Ward’s 10 Best Engines list for 2001. It also made the list the following year in 2002.

Undercover: Herding Cats Can be ‘Exhaust’ing

Real life has proven that the life span of a catalytic converter varies as greatly as the life span of the vehicle itself. One catalytic converter may not fail in 200,000+ miles, while another won’t even make it out of the vehicle’s base warranty. One thing is for sure, they aren’t going away as long as vehicles are powered by fossil fuels. So let’s talk some about how they work, then move on to spotting one that is misbehaving.

BodyWorks: Tales From the Shop

Every botched job I see reminds me of the lack of pride some techs and painters have in their work. Having a plan and following your paint system’s handbook goes a long way toward avoiding such disasters.

Performance Primer: Antiques Roadshow

Journeying Into the Restoration Market

Web Exclusive: Gearing Up for Timing Belt and Chain Work

The best time for a timing belt or chain to be replaced is before it fails. Technical Editor Larry Carley discusses items to consider when timing belt or chain work arrives in your shop or school in this Web Exclusive article.