Lock Technology Offers Shockit Crows Foot & Line Wrench Sets -

Lock Technology Offers Shockit Crows Foot & Line Wrench Sets

Shockit Crows Foot and Line Wrenches offer access to buried fasteners.

When a tech has no access for a wrench or ratchet during fastener removal, he reaches for his last-chance crows foot or line wrench. When a crows foot or line wrench won’t work, he often wastes precious time removing engine accessories, motor mounts and exhaust system components to get the job done. 

LT1900 shown

LT1900 series Shockit Crows Foot and Line Wrench Sets offer a new method for fastener access and removal. Air hammer-powered offset self-centering punches connected to interlocking Shockit Crows Foot and Line Wrenches offer almost unlimited access to buried fastener work applications. Shockit Crows Foot and Line Wrenches work without extensions, wrenches or ratchets. 

LT1900-3/4 in use with LT1910P

Air hammer force is delivered with offset non-turning 8mm radius tip punches directly to interlocking designed Shockit Crows Foot and Line Wrenches. Shockit Crows Foot and Line Wrenches are designed with 30% more steel than regular crows feet and line wrenches and yet utilize a much slimmer profile for greater fastener access. Lock Technology says its testing revealed that air hammer hyper-sonic vibration, not air-hammer force, is what makes these crows foot and line wrenches so effective. Low air hammer power settings were more than sufficient to free the most difficult nut and bolt fasteners. 

LT1910PK Shockit Punch Kit

LT1900 series sets are available in SAE/metric heavy-duty industrial/hydraulic and heavy-duty automotive/hydraulic sizes. (LT1900 10-Piece SAE Shockit Crows Foot Set, LT1910 10-Piece Metric Shockit Crows Foot Set, LT1920 13-Piece SAE Shockit Line Wrench Set and LT1930 12-Piece Metric Line Wrench Set) 

LT1930 shown

A must have for removing difficult to access hydraulic fittings stacked together in hydraulic bank manifolds in heavy industry truck, tractor, lift truck, marine and aviation applications. 

Easily access steering, brake, AC and fuel system vehicle fittings. 

LT1930-17 in use with LT1910PS

Three, slotted non-turning offset 8mm radius tip punches are available in a kit (LT1910PK) and are also available separately in 5.5-in. (LT1910PS), 11-in. (LT1910P) and 22-in. (LT1910PL) lengths to access and remove the most difficult fasteners. LT1900 series sets must be used with Shockit Punches for maximum performance and warranty coverage. 

Patented unique design.  Made to precise German DIN standards for maximum grip. 

For more info: ltitools.com 

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