New Master Series HL1000 and PL 500 from NEBO Lights

New Master Series HL1000 and PL 500 from NEBO Lights

The HL1000 Headlamp and Task Light provide up to 1,000 lumens of bright light and various hands-free lighting option.

Combining rugged construction, increased reliability and consistently bright LEDs, the Master Series provides tough lights for tough jobs at the worksite or a home project.

A big factor in making the Master Series an optimum lighting tool is its Optimized Power Curve, which efficiently utilizes battery power to provide a steadier and more consistent light beam.

That includes a new pair of lights for use in smaller spaces and even in situations that may require a “hands-free” source of illumination.

The HL1000 Headlamp and Task Light provide up to 1,000 lumens of brilliant, bright light and various hands-free lighting options. The HL1000 features five light modes, ranging from a 1,000-lumen turbo mode for 30 seconds of light reaching up to 138 meters and a 500-lumen Strobe mode. Rugged and rechargeable, it can be worn using an adjustable head strap, is 180-degree tilt adjustable and has a powerful magnetic base and detachable mount. The HL1000 is also waterproof and impact resistant.

Then there is the PL500, a powerful, pocket-sized 500-lumen penlight. It boasts five light modes, including a turbo mode that provides a 30-second blast of light with a 70-meter reach, along with a strobe setting. The PL500 is USB-C rechargeable and features a magnetic mode select dial, a 4x adjustable zoom, and a pocket clip for easy access. It is waterproof and impact-resistant, with a powerful magnetic base for hands-free use.

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