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Solving Hyundai Theta Turbocharged Engine Problems

Knowing the basics of turbocharged systems can serve you well in solving problems with turbo-equipped Hyundais.

Hyundai Brake Caliper Fluid Inspection

This procedure can be used to inspect and identify fluid which may appear around the brake caliper area.

Hyundai/KIA A8LR1 Transmission With Code P0841

After the transmission was installed, trouble code P0841 “Transmission Fluid Pressure Switch A Circuit Range” was logged.

Major Multi-Carline Software Release Available From Autologic

New software releases are available for DrivePro ES and DrivePro Users.

VIDEO: Theta Engine Crankshaft Recall And What It Means To The Technician

Andrew Markel discusses a recall from Hyundai on its Theta engine, and how technicians can determine whether the engine has been inspected or replaced.

Hyundai/Kia Theta Engine Maintenance Essentials

The Hyundai Theta engine appeared in 2006 Sonata models and is going strong to this day in naturally aspirated and turbocharged forms in various Hyundai and Kia applications.

Hyundai 1.6-2.4L Tech Tip: Belts

Check the weights on the shafts before installing belts.

Hyundai Alignment: Curing ‘Drift And Pull’ Conditions

Drift/pull conditions occur at all speeds. But, the amount of force on the steering wheel or steering angle will increase with speed. If the customer states the drift/pull problem is sporadic, the cause could be the stability control system, or the electric or hydraulic power steering system.

Understanding Hyundai TPMS

Hyundai started using TPMS in 2006 on the Hyundai Accent, Tucson and Veracruz. The carmaker equipped its other vehicles with TPMS starting in 2007.

Henderson Hyundai Makes Donation To Basic Academy Automotive Program

Henderson Hyundai Superstore donated engine parts, electronic components, and body and trim pieces to Basic Academy of International Studies in Henderson, NV.

Hyundai To Develop Level 4 Autonomous Vehicles By 2021

The partnership will incorporate Aurora’s self-driving technology into Hyundai vehicles starting with models custom-developed and launched in test programs and pilot cities, according to the companies.

Hyundai’s New Rear-Occupant Alert System Honks Horn, Flashes Lights If Child Left In Vehicle

The system monitors the rear seats using an ultrasonic sensor that helps to detect the movements of children.