COATS Introduces Inspection Lane
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COATS Introduces Inspection Lane

Instantly generate a visual selling tool to share alignment and tire health data with your customers.


Did you know that checking your customers’ alignment as they drive into your service lane increases related service sales by 35% or more? The new Coats Inspection Lane System instantly generates a visual selling tool that your service writer can show customers before they exit their car which provides customers with data on alignment and tire health and the confidence to make an informed service decision.



The footprint is compact and does not clutter the service lane. 

The easy-to-read color printout or digital display is immediately ready for the customer and can be displayed on smart TVs, phones or a tablet. Dealers can tailor the sales and presentation approach to fit their needs and help customers make an informed service decision. The proactive approach to their vehicle care will build loyalty and greater customer satisfaction. 

The integrated back-office reporting dashboard organizes and displays Inspection Lane System data to reveal lane activity and service trends, allowing managers and service writers to better understand their performance and selling trends. 

The process is fully automated with an integrated ANPR camera. As the customer pulls into the service lane, the high-tech lasers and cameras complete scans in 3 seconds. The system instantly identifies alignment, suspension and tire health issues. 


The Inspection Lane System has three components that can work together or independently: 

The Alignment Scan lets you know which vehicles are candidates for alignment and suspension work. 

The Tread Depth Scanner provides a detailed report on tire health. 

The Bodyguard Vehicle Scratch and Dent Detection System captures the state of the vehicle’s exterior. Pre-existing damage can be used for repair estimates, but the documentation also guards your dealership from fraudulent damage claims.

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