How AI Can Help Cameras Overcome Vehicle Vision Problems

How AI Can Help Cameras Overcome Vehicle Vision Problems

While some believe AI cameras are not perfect yet, they are constantly improving.

Would you go for a ride in a car that has no driver? Autonomous vehicles are making news every day and they’re making some automotive professionals nervous. Are they the future of ride sharing? Are we destined to become a world of passengers? Today we’re talking about taking a backseat and letting technology do to driving.

Autonomous vehicles have been in the news a lot recently. Waymo, Google’s self-driving car division has just announced success in putting completely autonomous vehicles into the field in Arizona. Yet there are still some challenges. Google says there have been cases where the test drivers in their vehicles fell asleep behind the wheel. A driverless car recently drove into wet concrete, mistaking it for a road, and studies from London have shown that self-driving cars and their cameras aren’t yet perfect.

In this episode of Talking Shop with Shop Owner, Doug Kaufman discusses the future of autonomous vehicles with Chris Piche, the CEO of Smarter AI. Piche explains that Smarter AI develops software platforms for AI cameras used in various applications, including driverless cars. He emphasizes that while AI cameras are not perfect, they are constantly improving and have already been used to enhance safety features in cars. Piche also discusses the challenges of data collection and processing, as well as the potential for AI cameras to detect complacent and distracted driving. He concludes by mentioning the increasing use of AI technology in commercial transportation markets.

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