Podcast: T2iQ - Next Steps With The Rustbelt Mechanic
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Podcast: T2iQ – Next Steps With The Rustbelt Mechanic

Ready to plan for phase 2 of your career? The Rustbelt Mechanic talks about becoming a mentor and preparing for growth.


So you’ve been in the industry for a while now – things are going pretty well. You can handle the routine jobs with ease and you’re even given the opportunity to work on some of the more challenging jobs in the shop.


Doors are starting to open – do you know which ones to go through?  As your automotive service career accelerates, how can you keep control? We’ll talk about planning for the next phase of your career in this episode of T2iQ.

There’s so much change in this industry every day that the idea of “seeing it all” and getting bored with it seems unlikely. But let’s talk about the process of moving up in the industry – where do you go once you’re not a rookie anymore?

Doug Kaufman, editor of Tomorrow’s Technician and The Rustbelt Mechanic, Kyle Thoreen, talk about becoming a mentor for future generations, keeping your skills fresh and preparing for growth. This episode of T2 iQ is presented by Tomorrow’s Tech’s new T2University, our free online educational resource for instructors and students.

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