Podcast: T2iQ - Continuing Your Industry Education
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Podcast: T2iQ – Continuing Your Industry Education

With all of the technical advancements in cars, can you even consider working under the proverbial shade tree?


Rocker Alice Cooper might disagree, but for the automotive service and repair industry, school is most definitely NOT out for summer. You may have heard people tell you that a cell phone has more computing power than the Apollo missions that put man on the moon – but that’s old news. Today, some TOASTERS are smarter than those Apollo rockets.


Doug Kaufman, editor of Tomorrow’s Technician and Kyle Thoreen, the Rustbelt Mechanic say the kitchen appliance industry may think it’s something special but the REAL incredible changes are in the automotive industry. Learn what YOU have to do to keep up on this episode of Tomorrow’s Tech’s T2 iQ.

This episode of T2 iQ is presented by Tomorrow’s Tech’s new T2University, our free online educational resource for instructors and students.

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