VIDEO: 5 Signs It's Time To Replace Your Spark Plugs
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VIDEO: 5 Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Spark Plugs

Do you know when it’s time? This video is sponsored by Autolite.


A faulty spark plug can cause the following:

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A. Poor fuel milage

B. Poor Acceleration 

C. A Check Engine Light

D. All of the above

The correct answer is D and here’s why.

  • Intro: Preventative maintenance is key to the over-all health of your vehicle,
  • -Including spark plug replacement. 30k-100k intervals. 
  • -Engine misfire; CEL on (flashing). Poor engine performance, engine stumble, poor fuel economy, discuss how a misfire is detected. Codes p0301-306, etc. P0300
  • -Rough Idle. Vibration felt, stumbling, sound rough and not smooth. 
  • -Hard starting. Take longer to turn over and start. Ignition system working harder and may have trouble igniting the air/fuel mix.
  • -Poor acceleration. Poor throttle response, Sluggish acceleration. Struggling to pick up speed.
  • -Excessive fuel consumption. Incomplete combustion. More emissions leaving tail pipe. 

This video is sponsored by Autolite.

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