WATCH NOW: Painting The First Car Livecast

ICYMI: Painting The First Car Livecast

Watch the experts cover what it takes to paint your first vehicle and how you can apply that experience to your future.

Some students’ passion for collision and mechanical repair comes from their desire to modify and restore their everyday driver. For them, the painting of their first vehicle marks a right of passage and a significant milestone in their education. In a one-hour Livestream held on September 7 at 1PM EST, Andrew Markel and the experts at Summit Racing covered what it takes to paint their first vehicle and how they can apply that experience to their future as a collision repair professional.

Specifically joining from Summit Racing’s team is Subject Matter Expert, Kerry McFarland. McFarland has been a paint and body man since he was a kid hanging around his father’s shop. McFarland and his dad have a shop, K-Mac Kustoms, where they build full custom cars and do award-winning paint jobs. McFarland is always trying new things to stay on top of all the new paint and body processes and techniques available..

Questions to be covered:

  • What should a student budget for their first project?
  • What are the expectations for the paint job?
  • What do you do when something doesn’t go as planned?
  • What are new tools that can make the job faster?
  • What are the different types of paint products?
  • What is paint booth etiquette?

This Livestream aims to empower students to paint their cars and trucks so they can learn and be engaged with their future careers.

Sponsored by Summit Racing Equipment.

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