What You Didn't Know You Didn't Know About Spark Plugs
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What You Didn’t Know About Spark Plugs!

We answer the top questions students have about vehicle sensors. This podcast episode is sponsored by NGK Spark Plugs.


Just because they look simple, spark plugs and related components have a great deal to do with keeping today’s vehicles operating efficiently.


When Tomorrow’s Technician launched its Help Line we asked students and instructors to call with their questions about any components under the hood or under the car. In this episode of Automotive Student Intelligence, we answer student questions about spark plugs and ignition coils with the help of technical experts at NGK, the ignition specialists, and NTK, the sensor specialists.

Special thanks to Mike Burchi, Adam Franceschi and Philip Austin from NGK/NTK for participating in this podcast, as well as all of our students and instructors who called in. if you have questions, call the Tomorrow’s Tech Help Line at 330-396-7321 and leave a message. This podcast episode is sponsored by NGK Spark Plugs.

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