ASE Test Prep: An Engine Cranks But Won't Start (VIDEO)

ASE Test Prep: An Engine Cranks But Won’t Start (VIDEO)

Which technician is correct? This video is sponsored by Autolite.

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An Engine cranks but will not start. No spark is present at the end of a spark plug wire with a spark tester connected during engine cranking. Technician A states that a faulty ignition module could be the cause. Technician B states that the cause could be a defective pickup coil. Which tech is correct?

A) Technician A

B) Technician B

C) Both techs

D) Neither Tech.

The correct is answer is: C, Both techs.  A faulty ignition module can cause a no spark condition and a defective pickup coil will not provide the signal needed to trigger the ignition coil so both techs are correct!

This video is sponsored by Autolite.

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