CRP Automotive Introduces Pentosin Tesla EV Fluid Program

CRP Automotive Introduces Pentosin Tesla EV Fluid Program

Fluids won Import Vehicle Community’s "Best Functional Fluid" award at AAPEX.

CRP Automotive introduced its latest Pentosin automotive fluids for use on some of the most popular Tesla models on the road today. The program consists of two Electrical Drive Fluids (EDF) designed for Tesla models ranging from model years 2009 to 2021.

CRP said the premium-performance fluids were recognized with the “Best Functional Fluid” award during the Import Vehicle Community’s annual Import Products and Marketing Awards ceremony at the 2023 AAPEX Show.

Pentosin Pento EDF-2 is designed for direct cooled E-motors like those found on the Tesla Model 3 (2018+), Model Y (2020+), Model X (2021+), and Model S (2021+). The fluid serves as a lubricant for the gearbox and as a coolant for the transmission, providing increased efficiency compared to standard fluids, according to CRP.

Designed for E-axles with dry E-motors, Pentosin ATF 64 provides a high efficiency potential that helps increase driving range while lowering CO2 footprint, CRP said. It is available for Tesla Model S (2012-21), Model X (2016-21), and Roadster (2009-12) vehicles.

“We are very excited that our latest fluid program has been recognized with this industry award. With the increase in popularity of electric vehicles, CRP understands the need for high-quality automotive fluids and designed these Pentosin EDFs to help vehicles operate more efficiently and improve service life,” said Mark Malone, North American brand director, Pentosin.

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