Malco Releases Universal Three-Jaw Oil Filter Wrench -

Malco Releases Universal Three-Jaw Oil Filter Wrench

Its universal and compact design is ideal for most vehicles with spin-on oil filter sizes ranging from 2.4 to 3.6 in.

Malco Products, SBC, has released a new product for the automotive market to help technicians streamline the oil-changing process.

New Malco Universal Three-Jaw Oil Filter Wrenches are designed to make the removal of overtightened and hard-to-reach oil filters a quick, easy and hassle-free task. 

Its universal and compact design is ideal for most vehicles with spin-on oil filter sizes ranging from 2.4 to 3.6 in. (60mm to 93mm), allowing users to gain access to even the tightest engine spaces. Three spring-loaded arms and a built-in magnet establish a strong, secure grip, preventing the wrench from slipping and the filter from being dropped, crushed, or ripped when torque is applied. The tool easily attaches onto the filter and draws itself back when taking it off, allowing minimal adjustment for user-friendly operation. 

Pair this wrench with any 3/8-in. square drive tool like a breaker bar or rachet for additional leverage. Durable steel construction with a nickel-plated and phosphatizing finish ensures long life and quality performance.

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