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Split Decision: Hot Rodders of Tomorrow Engine Challenge to Continue at PRI


0-HROT3This year, the Sixth Annual Hot Rodders of Tomorrow Engine Challenge Championships split into a Dual Championship format in which teams will compete at both the SEMA Show (Nov. 4-7, Las Vegas) and the PRI Show (Dec. 11-13, Indianapolis).


From each Dual Championship, two teams will emerge.

These four teams will face off for the 2014 Engine Challenge Championship starting on Friday, December 12th, and two additional rounds on Saturday at the 2014 PRI Show.

Fifteen teams competed at the SEMA Show beginning with the first heat on Nov. 4. Heats continued through the 5th and 6th.

The top two teams with the best average times will move on to PRI Show to compete against the top two teams from PRI.

“The Hot Rodders of Tomorrow Engine Challenge is a great program fueled by the young men and woman that compete in it,” SEMA’s Zane Clark, ­elaborated. As the SEMA Director of Education, he said he was excited about this year’s Dual Championship.0-HROT1-

“The new format of having the SEMA Show Champions compete again at the PRI Show against their Champs will be very exciting and showcase the tremendous skills of the these young builders, while offering a rewarding end to their hard work and ­dedication,” Clark said. “The industry supported scholarships are a tremendous incentive for the qualifying participants and helps to offset the expenses of pursuing a career in the automotive industry.”


“Ohio Technical College is proud to have been a sponsor of the Hot Rodders of Tomorrow Engine Challenge since the first competition at SEMA,” OTC’s Director of Enrollment Management, Tom King said. “It’s a great opportunity to see young people learning and ­working as a team to prove themselves and we are excited to provide scholarship opportunities to these students again this year.”

Three million dollars in scholarship money is ­available to the 34 teams competing in the Dual Championship, thanks to Hot Rodders of Tomorrow partners Ohio Technical College (OTC), School of Automotive Machinist (SAM) and the University of Northwest Ohio (UNOH).

“The University of Northwestern Ohio is proud to be an active sponsor of the Hot Rodders Of Tomorrow Competition at the 2014 SEMA Show,” added UNOH’s Donald Lowden. “We are offering scholarships to the talented students who place in the competition to help further their education in High Performance Technology. Good luck to all the participants.” 0-HROT4

Each member of the winning team will receive $10,000 in ­scholarship opportunities from each college partners.
“The School of Automotive Machinists is happy to support high school students who are excited about the automotive industry” said Kim Klevenhagen, Director of Development at SAM. “We hope these students will continue their automotive training and go on to work in the motorsport industry.”


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Source: PRI and Hot Rodders of Tomorrow

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