Upcoming Livestream: Power Steering Diagnostics, Repair and Retrofits

TODAY: Power Steering Diagnostics Livestream

Join Andrew Markel and the Summit Racing Equipment experts for a one-hour livestream today at 1PM EST.

Electric and hydraulic power steering systems can be difficult to diagnose and even more challenging to repair. For this reason, the ASE A4 exam task list has 26 steering-related items, and 30% of the test questions are on steering. In a one-hour LiveStream on December 16th at 1PM EST, sponsored by Summit Racing, industry experts will cover how mechanical steering and power steering work and common diagnostic/repair strategies. The session’s goal is to teach students how the steering system works, from the tie rods to the steering wheel. Also, the topic of retrofitting electric power steering systems to vintage and project vehicles will be covered. 

Topics covered:

  • Hydraulic power steering operation 
  • Inspection of the steering system mechanical components
  • Finding the source of steering and suspension noise
  • Steering feel and suspension geometry (self-centering, bump steer and tire sizing)
  • Flushing and refilling a hydraulic power steering systems
  • Steering angle and torque sensors
  • Electric power steering operation and advantages
  • Diagnosing electric power steering systems with scan tools
  • Electric power steering pull compensation
  • Electric power steering failure modes
  • Retrofitting electric power steering on older vehicles

This livestream is sponsored by Summit Racing Equipment.

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Watch Now: Power Steering Diagnostics Livestream

Watch Andrew Markel and the Summit Racing experts discuss power steering diagnostics. Sponsored by Summit Racing.