WD-40 Transmission Pan Bolt Tip (VIDEO) -

WD-40 Transmission Pan Bolt Tip (VIDEO)

WD-40 Specialist Penetrant can save time and hassle. This video is sponsored by WD-40.

Troubleshooting should be the first part of a repair. Before the sockets and wrenches are taken out of the toolbox, shooting trouble bolts, screws and fasteners with WD-40 Specialist Penetrant can save time and the hassle of bringing out the extractors, taps and thread chasers. The transmission pan and filter on a ZF 6HP transmission uses 20 Torx bolts and is legendary for giving technicians problems. Either they snap off, or they round out when force is applied. So how do you prevent this from happening to you?

The fasteners that seize are the ones on the sides, with the backside exposed to the environment. Water, dirt and road salt build up in the holes and get between the threads and causing them to seize. Due to the transmission tunnel and exhaust system, you can’t get a conventional can to “troubleshoot” the back sides of the bolts. But with the WD-40 Specialist Penetrant with the EZ Reach flexible straw, you can coat and fill the holes by bending the straw. When removing the bolts, they come out just as easy as the ones that go into the blind holes in the case. 

WD-40 Penetrant With the EZ-Reach flexible straw is also compatible with this application that uses aluminum, steel, plastic and rubber. It will also work twice as fast and will prevent rust ten times longer than the competition. For this application, it means that you will be able to get these bolts out sooner and when you have to do the job again in 80,000 miles.

This video is sponsored by WD-40

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