ProMAXX New Valve Cover Saver Assists With Ford Engine Repairs

ProMAXX New Valve Cover Saver Assists With Ford Engine Repairs

The VCS kit delivers value by saving Ford Dealership and independent shop technicians time and money.

The launch of ProMAXX Tool’s Valve Cover Saver (VCS) Repair Kit means technicians faced with broken ignition coil hold-down bolts on Ford 3.5L EcoBoost and Coyote engines can quickly and easily rescue the valve cover without damaging it during the repair process. The VCS kit delivers value by saving Ford Dealership and independent shop technicians time and money.

The patented VCS system attaches directly to the plastic valve cover. Special machine-grade tooling enables technicians to drill dead center on broken or corroded ignition coil bolts and allows them to center tap the hole. This brings the cover back to a better-than-factory-new condition.

The ProKit Plus version of the VCS includes the new ProView – a flexible, scoping digital camera that connects wirelessly to a user’s cell phone. The ProView helps Technicians see into tight spaces on their phone, allowing for a visual assessment before making the repair. The camera can also be used in additional scenarios where visuals are vitally important including exhaust manifold procedures and EGR repairs.

“Technicians using the Valve Cover Saver will easily fix the cover in about 15 minutes,” said ProMAXX President & Founder, Jeff Del Rossa. “This is a significant improvement over the current process of removal and replacement that can rob service operations of almost three hours.”

Del Rossa explained the impact of the VCS and VCS ProView on repair shops. “Technicians will see a boost in efficiency and savings in precious technical resource time,” he said. “Now with the digital camera version, technicians have the capability to assess each situation to determine the most productive approach in making the repair.”

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