Step By Step Guide For Crimping, Connecting, & Splicing
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Step By Step Guide For Crimping, Connecting, & Splicing

This session covers the different types of electrical connectors. Sponsored by Summit Racing.

If you’re building or repairing a vehicle, you will have to deal with electrical connectors. In our one-hour live cast sponsored by Summit Racing, we covered how to diagnose, service and install connectors on daily drivers, performance vehicles and trailers.


This training session covered the different types of connectors, including Metri-Pack, Deutsch and Weather-Tite. We also covered OEM connectors and pigtails. 

Archived Broadcast of the October 12 Livestream Training.

Questions that are answered:

  • How can voltage drop and resistance testing be used to diagnose a connector?
  • How do you service terminals inside the connector?
  • What is the best way to crimp a wire and terminal together?
  • How can you repair a male or female terminal inside a connector for an ECM?
  • What is the best connector for a performance application?
  • What are the best tools to build and service connectors?

This training video is sponsored by Summit Racing.

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