VIDEO: GM Transmissions And Transfer Cases

VIDEO: GM Transmissions And Transfer Cases

GM transmissions and transfer cases are unique to each individual vehicle. This video is sponsored by ACDelco.

If you look under GM vehicles, you might think at first glance that most transmissions and transfer cases look the same. In reality, each transmission is built for a specific application and calibrated for the individual vehicle. This actually makes a GM transmission or transfer case unique for each vehicle.

The secret is in the software that controls shifts, and communicates with the engine and other modules on the vehicle. You can’t just swap a transmission or transfer case with any salvage or aftermarket unit and expect it to work. Inside or connected to a GM transmission or transfer case, is an electronic control module that needs to be programmed if it ever needs to be replaced. This module contains a software that controls the shift, torque converter lockup, and many other functions.

When you receive a genuine GM parts transmission or transfer case at your shop, it can be programmed with firmware unique to the vehicle. These units are plug and play with GM vehicles so you can minimize lengthy installs and labor costs.

GM also offers technicians a subscription based TIS2Web software program for accurate calibration during service replacements of some GM transmissions that require programming after the unit is installed in the vehicle.

New or remanufactured GM Genuine Parts transmission and transfer case assemblies are engineered and built specifically for Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, and Cadillac vehicles. You’ll also find OE driveline assemblies and components for Saturn, HUMMER, Pontiac, and Oldsmobile vehicles.

During the remanufacturing process, almost every component inside the case is returned to like-new condition. In fact, EACH part inside these transmissions is equal in quality to original GM equipment and is designed according to OEM engineering and manufacturing standards. There is no guessing the original manufacturer’s specifications because they are matched or exceeded.

You’ll also get the peace of mind that comes from a “no-hassle” core return policy for transmission assemblies. And each unit comes with a limited warranty that covers parts and labor and is fully transferable, adding value if the vehicle is ever sold. This is a great selling point.

For more information on GM Genuine Parts transmission and transfer cases, visit GM Genuine Parts

This video is sponsored by ACDelco.

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