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Ace Your Automotive Job Interview Questions

One of the biggest mistakes job hopefuls make is to not prepare for the job interview.


interviewOne of the biggest mistakes job hopefuls make is to not prepare for the job interview. There are a number of reasons why it seems so easy to put off this task. It can feel trivial to spend time reviewing how you’ll answer questions about yourself when, after all, you should be the expert on yourself.


The truth is, applicants that don’t practice for the interview end up not performing well. Hiring managers can tell if you’ve prepared, and they notice when you don’t have a clear answer, trail off or take a long time to answer a question.

If you’re an automotive technician looking for a job, take some time to review these questions before you go into a job interview.

• What about our garage makes you want to work here?
• How do you ensure that each vehicle inspection and repair is done thoroughly?
• Describe a time when you dealt with a difficult client. How did you handle the situation, and what would you have done differently?
• How do you manage projects?
• What would you do if you noticed a co-worker stealing services and parts from the shop?
• What is the most recent skill that you have learned to make you a better auto technician?


Don’t forget to prepare for the “softball” questions as well. Even though these questions are easy to think about, they can really trap an automotive mechanic in a job interview. When you prepare for these answers, be sure that you’re using specifics and not answering with a generic answer.

• Tell me about yourself and your experience.
• What is your biggest weakness?
• What are your career goals?
• Where do you see yourself in five years?
• What do you know about this company?

Have you ever been caught off guard by an interview question? Tell us about it in the comments section below!

Courtesy Auto Care Career Hub.

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