Computer Glitch Makes All PopQuiz Entries Eligible

Computer Glitch Makes All PopQuiz Entries Prize Eligible

Everyone who entered had a shot at the big prize this week due to technical issues. Congratulations to our winners!

Modern technology has gotten so reliable that blaming a mistake on the computer is almost ridiculous today. Guess what – that’s what happened in this edition of MindGames. Apparently, for many players (maybe for all), one of the questions didn’t show up and you had to randomly guess which answer might be correct. Kudos to the Rick and the two Mikes for still getting 100% on the quiz!

For the rest of you, because of the ghost in the machine, we threw EVERYBODY into the hopper for this week’s drawing for a $10 McDonald’s Gift Card. Randomly selected winners are:

Rick Kelso, Advanced Technology Institute, Virginia Beach, VA
Mike Alder, Advanced Training Institute, Paradise, NV
Mike McCord, TCAT Whiteville, Whiteville, TN
Kevin Krieger, Blue Earth, Blue Earth, MN
Jason Felton, Nashua Community College, Nashua, NH
Ernie Henderson, Mandeville High School, Mandeville, LA
Charles Webb, Osseo High School, Osseo, MN
Billy Bobber, HCH School, Tallapoosa, GA
Daniel Fuller, Gateway Community College Automotive, New Haven, CT
Bryan Peck, Career Technology center of Lackawanna County, Scranton, PA

Don’t get used to sneaking in without trying again, because we’ve rebooted, reprogrammed and restarted the mainframe so this doesn’t happen again. But if you’re not listed above, try again today! This week’s contest is Guess the Tool. Can you guess the type of tool or piece of equipment indicated by the picture? If so, you might be a winner! The winners will be randomly selected from all correct entries this week and entries must be received by midnight, July 2.

MindGames is a weekly series of interactive puzzles designed to sharpen your wits, fire the synapses and inspire creativity. New puzzles and activities will be posted regularly to help keep students engaged, connecting online and even have a chance to win some prizes. Solutions to the previous week’s puzzle and names of winners will be posted every Monday.

Chances of winning are dependent upon the number of correct entries received.

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