L1 Test Prep -

L1 Test Prep

Pass the exam on the first try! This program, which helps emulate real world situations, is the most comprehensive test prep available for L1.

70% of techs who attempt the L-1 test do not pass their first time. AVI can help you be in the other 30% of this statistic, those who pass the exam on the first attempt. This program, which helps students emulate real-world situations, is the most comprehensive test preparation available for the L-1.

Dave Hobbs and Jim Wilson both relate the composite vehicle to situations that technicians encounter on a daily basis with advanced OBDII systems. Part one covers general powertrain diagnosis, computerized powertrain controls diagnosis and ignition system diagnosis. This 3.5 hour section also covers fuel and air induction system diagnosis and repair, emission control system failures and I/M failure diagnosis.

The second part of this program consists of a 65 question practice test. The practice test is followed by a detailed explanation and discussion of the correct and incorrect answers that tells you why the answers are right or wrong. This section also includes a complete glossary of OBDII trouble codes.

  • Presented from a techs point of view
  • Great to use as a reference after certification

Note: The L1 Test Prep Study Guide is NOT downloadable and may only be viewed online.
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