New Fast Orange Antibacterial Pumice Hand Cleaner

New Fast Orange Antibacterial Pumice Hand Cleaner

Coming in 2022, this heavy-duty hand cleaner will include antibacterial agents.

Permatexwill be introducing Fast Orange Antibacterial Pumice Hand Cleaner, a heavy-duty hand cleaner, which includes antibacterial agents capable of killing 99% of germs.

Fast Orange is one of the most trusted hand cleaners used by professional automotive technicians and DIYers. While cleaning grease and grime remains important, technicians are now also tasked with eliminating germs. Formulated using premium grade surfactants and pumice, along with primary ingredients found in antibacterial hand soap, Fast Orange Antibacterial Pumice Hand Cleaner is the only hand cleaner capable of handling both grease and germs.

Antibacterial agents are not the only improvement featured in Fast Orange Antibacterial Pumice Hand Cleaner. Ben Grueser, Associate Marketing Manager for Permatex, notes, “We know that cleaning power is still what matters most to many professionals, so we made this our most powerful grease fighter yet.” Grueser also noted this new level of performance was achieved without the use of harsh ingredients such as mineral spirits, commonly found in other hand cleaners.

Fast Orange Antibacterial Pumice Hand Cleaner will be available in 7.5 oz. and 15 oz. squeeze bottles. The new hand cleaner is expected to launch in Q1 of 2022.

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