There's Still Time To Nominate Your School! -

There’s Still Time To Nominate Your School!

The 2015 School of the Year contest is still open for nominations. You’ve got until August 14, 2015 to complete the online form.

TT-SOTY2015-final-logoThe 2015 School of the Year contest is still open for nominations. You’ve got until August 14, 2015 to complete the online form.

The winning school will receive:

  • Visit by Tomorrow’s Tech staff and program sponsors
  • A WIX Filters donation to the school’s program
  • O’Reilly and WIX Filters gear (hats, backpacks, key chains, shop banners, T-shirts and product samples)
  • Appearance by either the WIX or O’Reilly Auto Parts marketing unit
  • Travel for the class instructor and a guest to Las Vegas to attend Babcox Media’s recognition dinner at AAPEX


Just click here.

After the School of the Year finalists are announced (the top 20 schools), the judges will begin the process of narrowing down the picks to a group called The Final Four. This consists of the top school from each of the four regions in the country. The School of the Year winner is chosen from that Final Four list.

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