Why You’re Special to Today’s Workforce -

Why You’re Special to Today’s Workforce

The saying, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks,” is becoming more relevant in terms of expanding business in the technological world. Aged workers may have a difficult time adapting to the constantly changing environment, and in this day and age, ­technology is not a mere suggestion like a new paint job, but a necessary tool like a tire that keeps your vehicle rolling.grad


Though many negative connotations come with ­hiring a new graduate over a more experienced, older worker, new graduates like yourself will become beneficial in the long run. For example:

• For starters, new graduates may be willing to trade off a lower starting salary for more vacation days or time-off days – which can reduce costs at a small shop.

• Recent graduates are eager to work because they have just spent many years preparing for the work world.

• New hires like to prove to themselves that they can succeed, which means they will want to work hard. That hard work then turns into taking on more tasks, which translates into more work getting done. They will take care of shop owners’ day-to-day tasks, giving them more time to devote to other matters, such as expanding or improving their overall business.

• Another benefit graduates offer is their ­schedules; they are flexible, because generally they don’t have many outside distractions, which also plays into more work getting done.

• Along with the possibility of increasing profitability and the efficiency of completing day-to-day tasks, new graduates can also provide a fresher outlook on certain aspects of business. They can offer an outside perspective and their opinion of how the business compares to others in the area or country. Their new ideas can alter shops and create more revenue over time, reiterating why graduates are a worthwhile investment.

• The obvious benefit of hiring new graduates is their knowledge of technology. Today, we live in a generation where it is crucial to adapt to the system. New graduates have grown up in this time, so you already have extensive knowledge and experience with new technology.
Explain during an employment interview that your skills would be helpful in converting a shop owner’s dated facility into a modern workshop.

You can help make this a smooth transition and can quickly learn and possibly adapt the business’ ­computer applications.

Hiring a new graduate would also increase the ­diversity in a shop, which allows for balance. A shop should not just have one type of employee, but a ­medley of people who specialize in different things.
If a shop owner wants only older employees, ask him or her how would a vehicle operate with just older parts?

Source: theundercoverrecruiter.com/hiring

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