Billet Triple-Turbo 6.4L Cummins Super Stock Engine

Billet Triple-Turbo 6.4L Cummins Super Stock Engine

It's the pinnacle of Scheid Diesel builds, so don't miss what's in and on this engine.

Courtesy of Engine Builder.

Ever since diesel engine work became a larger priority of Engine Builder magazine coverage a number of years ago, it’s been a goal to go visit with Dan Scheid and his team at Scheid Diesel in Terre Haute, IN. We’ve had the pleasure of speaking with a number of top diesel guys and visiting their respective shops over the years, but Scheid was always one that had escaped us – until now.

Scheid Diesel Cummins

We visited the diesel engine and machine shop in Terre Haute, IN back in November to film an episode of our popular Mild vs. Wild series. While there, we took the opportunity to get the details of this $150,000, billet, triple-turbo, 6.7L Cummins engine built for Super Stock pulling. Of course, if you’re familiar with Scheid Diesel, you’ll know the shop is a huge name in both the pulling scene and in drag racing, and also hosts the Scheid Diesel Extravaganza.
Scheid Diesel was founded in 1982 with only five employees in Terre Haute. In 1990, the shop opened a second location in Effingham, IL, and nine years later, the Lafayette location opened its doors. All three locations have a fuel injection shop as well as a dedicated drive-in service area. In the more than 40 years since Scheid Diesel was founded, the shop has grown from just five employees to more than 50 employees today between the three locations.

This triple-turbo 6.7L Cummins engine represents the epitome of what Scheid Diesel’s capabilities are, so we were pumped that the engine was there for us to check out, and that we got to take a deep dive into what sorts of Scheid goodies this engine features.

Scheid Diesel Cummins

“It’s a four-wheel-drive, Super Stock diesel truck,” says Joe Gasper of Scheid Diesel. “It hasn’t been campaigned yet. The chassis is done and the engine is complete, so now we need to put it in the chassis and finish the plumbing and he’ll be ready to go for the 2024 season.”

The engine was not only just completed, but it had also just been polished up and was shining bright with all that billet. The outside aesthetics aside, this 6.7L Cummins features some quality machine work and some very stout components.

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